Maximum results for your farm’s future

We love our land, from sea to shining sea. We want to sow our fields and realize their greatest potential. We want to feed the mouths of the people who walk it. And we want to leave it off better than it started — especially for our future farmers. NRG uses the Maximum Farming System to help you do this.

What Maximum Farming entails

Maximum Farming is an integrated farming approach. With this system, none of your efforts go to waste and soil is improved, which improves plant growth and increases nutritious crop yields. Learn more at

How NRG helps

NRG experts know and use the science and procedures of Maximum Farming. We will help you make a long-term plan, test soil and yields, and provide recommendations based off these results. And we’ll be here year after year to help you maximize your farm.

The results:

  • Healthier crops
  • Higher yields
  • Renewed soil
  • Enhanced livestock and human health