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Featured Producer

Achaius Ranch

Ladoga, Indiana (Montgomery County)
Serving Equine, Kids and Family
Achaius Ranch is owned & Operated by Rodney & Elisha McCulloh and Sam & Nichole Wilson

Achaius Ranch is a youth program that teaches kids natural horsemanship in a Christ-centered atmosphere.  While also helping abused and unwanted Equine.  The ranch currently houses 16 horses, half of them are rescues, and in this past year they have helped over 100 kids and their families.  They give 90 min sessions of one on one training with an instructor and a horse.  When these kids get to interact with the horses, the close contact can lead to healing and growth both spiritually and emotionally for the child and horse.  The ranch is run on a foundation of being Christ centered and to serve others with this unique opportunity.  They Welcome all kids and their families to enjoy this experience.  Their Motto is to Love, Grow, and Heal.

We sat down with Elisha and Nicole and asked them a little more about the ranch and its impact on them.

They love the joy, horses and kids bring to each other.  The nature they get to be around everyday, to just be still and enjoy life outside.  It is something a lot of people do not get to do.  Some of the most challenging parts are watching how broken people, and horses are when they first come to the ranch.  For them the hardest part is when the horses have reached the end of their life and must be put down.  The ranch is not only run by this family but also the session leaders and volunteers, who are a big part of running the ranch.  Their must haves are their ranger, good grass hay, and good products like Tribute Equine feeds & pelleted stall bedding!  They are looking forward to maintaining what they have, but also to fine tune the ranch to operate smoothly and accommodate everyone efficiently.

The ranch is here to serve the public and is proud to do so.  If you are interested in learning more about Achaius Ranch or would like to donate/volunteer,  look them up and give them a call!

Achaius is currently using Pelleted bedding and Tribute Equine feeds, Sold here at NRG.